Wirtz Law Wins California Lemon Law Trial Against Ford Motor Company

Wirtz Law Wins Trial Against Ford Motor Company

Like many car owners who find themselves in possession of a lemon, Crystal Young, began experiencing serious problems immediately after purchasing her 2019 Ford F-150 XLT pickup truck. The truck’s collision alert alarm would sound, warnings would flash on the dashboard screen, and brakes would automatically prime for no reason. These dangerous errors often occurred when Ms. Young was driving on completely open roads and highways with no vehicles in sight.

Lemon law attorneys Richard M. Wirtz, Jessica R. Underwood and Kelsey K. Henry, of Wirtz Law represented Crystal Young. The jury awarded Ms. Young a refund of all the money she spent on the truck as well as reimbursement for her registration fees and insurance premiums. The jury also awarded additional out-of-pocket expenses for rental vehicles after she refused to drive the truck following an incident when the F-150 truck’s safety defects caused her to run off the road into a ditch.

The total amount of the verdict was $159,754.00.


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