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If you’ve brought your purchased or leased Mini in for repairs repeatedly, call 1(833) 4MY – LEMON to speak with a Mini lemon law attorney about your case for free.

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Common Defects

If you’ve had to bring your Mini in for repair two times or more for any of the following concerns, you may have a lemon. Call 1 (833) 4MY – LEMON to speak with a Mini lemon law attorney and get our team of experienced trial attorneys fighting on your behalf today.

Engine Failure

The engine is the heart of the vehicle. A car can’t drive without a properly working engine.

Common symptoms of engine failures include:

  • Engine Control Module (ECM) warning lights on the dash
  • Check engine lights
  • No start, excessive cranking
  • Lack of acceleration
  • Loss of power
  • Stalling (most often when attempting to shift gear)

Transmission Failure

The transmission or gearbox ensures that the correct amount of power reaches your wheels to drive at a given speed. The transmission ensures that the gear ratio between the engine and drive wheels adjusts to accommodate the desired speed of the car.

Common symptoms of transmission failures include:

  • Whining and clunking
  • Gears grinding
  • Burning smell
  • Lack of response, hesitation
  • Lunging, or jerking
  • Noisy in neutral
  • Leaking fluid
  • Premature clutch replacements

Engine Cooling System Failure

A car’s engine cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine cool while it works to prevent overheating. The system does so by sending a liquid coolant through hoses and passages in the engine. As the coolant flows through these hoses and passages, it picks up and removes heat from the engine. The water pump has the job of keeping the coolant moving through the system, and the radiator re-cools the liquid so it can again be circulated through the passages in the motor.

Common symptoms of engine cooling system failure include:

  • Overheating, especially on city roads or “stop-and-go” traffic
  • Metallic smell coming from the engine compartment
  • Coolant leaks
  • Steam or smoke emanating from the engine compartment

Turbocharger Failure

The turbocharger on a car applies a very similar principle to a piston engine. It uses the exhaust gas to drive a turbine that spins an air compressor. That extra air and oxygen are pushed into the cylinders at a high speed. This allows the engine to burn more fuel each second, making the car much faster.

Common symptoms of turbocharger failure include:

  • Loss of power
  • Slower and louder acceleration
  • Difficulty maintaining high speeds
  • Blue or grey smoke from exhaust

Timing Chain Defect

The timing chain synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft within internal combustion engines. Misalignment of the chain can cause premature wear or engine failure.

Common symptoms of a bad timing belt include:

  • Ticking noises from the engine
  • Misfires
  • Oil leaking from the front of the motor
  • Harsh idle

*Note that your Mini may still be a lemon even if the issue is not listed above. Call 1 (833) 4MY – LEMON today to describe your unique issues and get a free case evaluation.

Is My Mini a Lemon?

Think you might have a lemon? If your Mini is on the list below and has required repeated repairs for the same issue, contact a Mini Lemon Law Attorney at 1 (833) 4MY – LEMON.

  • Mini Clubman
  • Mini Cooper
  • Mini Countryman
  • Mini Paceman
  • Mini Roadster

*Note that your Mini may still be a lemon even if not listed above

Notable Mini Recalls

Side Impact Crashworthiness Not Met (NHTSA Safety Recall Campaign No. 15V450000)

  • In July 2015, Mini recalled nearly 30,500 vehicles which Mini determined did not meet side impact performance requirements. As such, Mini states these vehicles fail to comply with safety standards and will make modifications to affected vehicles.

Seatbelt May Not Lock (NHTSA Safety Recall Campaign No. 16V747000)

  • In October 2016, Mini recalled more than 15,000 vehicles with defective seat belts.
  • According to Mini, the affected vehicles, the vehicle-sensitive locking mechanism of the seat belt Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) for the driver’s seat may not lock as designed. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 209, “Seat Belt Assemblies.” In the event of a crash where heavy braking is applied, the ELR may activate when the occupant is more forward in the seat, possibly increasing the risk of injury.

Trailer Hitch May Sag or Detach From Vehicle (NHTSA Safety Recall Campaign No. 17E051000)

  • In September 2017, Mini recalled vehicles equipped with trailer hitches.
  • According to Mini, and CURT group, the manufacturer of the trailer hitches used by Mini on its vehicles, vehicles may have inadequate structure points for the trailer hitch mounting, causing the hitch to sag under to certain loads and possibly separate from the vehicle. If the trailer hitch sags or separates from the vehicle, there would be an increased risk of a crash.

About Mini

At Wirtz Law APC, we are dedicated to protecting consumers from large automakers like Mini.

Mini is a British automotive brand founded in 1969, currently owned by BMW. Mini is headquartered in Cowley, England, and is manufactured in plants located throughout the U.K. and Europe. Selling more than 5.3 minion vehicles since its inception, Mini is the most popular British car brand of all time. Today, Mini vehicles remain popular around the globe. The U.S. is Mini’s largest market, accounting for more than a quarter of the company’s sales. 2019 was a poor sales year for Mini, selling just 36,165 vehicles–its lowest amount since 2002.

Minis have never been positively regarded in terms of reliability. Minis consistently rank in the lower tiers in reliability reporting. The average repair cost for a Mini is about $900, with the most common problems in Coopers having to do with timing chain issues, cooling issues, transmission issues, and turbocharger oil deprivation issues. Unfortunately for many, owning a mini comes with a not-so-mini repair bill.

I think I have a lemon. What do I do now?

Under California’s Lemon Law, if you’ve given an automaker a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair your vehicle but the problems persist, your car might qualify for repurchase or replacement. Big automakers like Mini often try to muddy the water and re-define the analysis of Lemon Law qualification to their benefit – which is why consumers should never fight the big automakers alone! Generally speaking, as few as two (2) repair opportunities can be enough for your car to qualify. Don’t rely on Mini’s evaluation of your repair history, contact the professionals at Wirtz Law today.

How Wirtz Law Can Help

Over the past 7 years, Wirtz Law has recovered more than 33,700,000 for clients like you. On average, Wirtz Law APC fights for its clients in ten jury trials a year and settles many more cases at all stages of the litigation. We consistently recover more than just a buyback for our clients, recovering both actual damages and civil penalties against the automakers and distributors. We are the firm other lawyers hire when it’s time to go to trial, and consumers hire when they want their case handled right. We are ready to fight for your rights, today!

If you have a lemon, call 1(833) 4MY – LEMON to speak with a Mini lemon law attorney about your case for free.

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