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Buick is a division of General Motors (GM), a prominent American auto manufacturing company. Buick was one of the first automobile manufacturing companies in the United States and was the company that established General Motors in 1908. Today, Buick markets premium automobiles. Buick’s target customer base is a successful executive with a family. Although Buicks are marketed as a luxury family vehicle manufacturer, some Buicks have had serious defects or safety concerns.

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If you have taken your Buick to the dealership for repairs multiple times while under warranty, your Buick may qualify as a lemon under California’s lemon law. California consumers have rights when they purchase defective or unsafe vehicles. Buick may be required to replace your vehicle or buy back your vehicle from you. Contact Wirtz Law as soon as possible to schedule your free case evaluation and learn whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon.

Is Your Buick a Lemon?

California lemon law provides consumers with protection from defective vehicles. If you have taken your Buick to an authorized repair facility multiple times during the warranty, you may have rights under California’s lemon law. The law covers Buick vehicles that are new and purchased or leased. All of the following types of Buick vehicles are subject to California’s lemon law:

  • Buick LaCrosse
  •  Buick Regal
  •  Buick Avenir
  •  Buick Enclave
  •  Buick Envision 
  •  Buick Encore and Encore GX

The current mileage of your vehicle doesn’t affect your potential claim under California’s lemon law. As long as the dealership has had a reasonable number of opportunities to repair your lemon, and they have not done so, and your vehicle is under warranty, you may have a lemon law claim. However, you will need to show that you have taken your Buick to an authorized General Motors dealership while it is under the manufacturer’s warranty. Car manufacturers like General Motors do not have unlimited number of times to repair your vehicle. They are only entitled to a reasonable opportunity to repair your vehicle, which can be as few as two opportunities. As a result, they can’t require you to keep coming in over and over for repairs.

Buick Lemon Buyback

Under certain conditions, auto manufacturers like Buick are legally required to buy back a customer’s vehicle. To qualify for a buyback or repurchase, you will need to show that the defects substantially impaired your vehicle’s use, value, or safety. When the dealer is unable or unwilling to repair your Buick after a reasonable number of attempts, it must replace or repurchase your vehicle from you. 

A reasonable number of attempts can be as few as two attempts, depending on the facts of your case. You will not need to show that you have taken your vehicle in for the same defect. If you’ve taken your vehicle in for repairs for multiple defects, your vehicle may still qualify as a lemon, and you may be entitled to a buyback from Buick.

Common Lemon Law Defects in Buicks

Engine problems are one of the most common lemon law defects in Buicks. If your check engine light continues to come on, your Buick may have ongoing engine problems due to a defect. For example, your Buick may experience a lack of acceleration or show reduced power.  In this case, your Buick may have inadequate power, which is a common complaint among Buick owners, particularly Buick Encores. You may hear a hum coming from your engine, feel that your engine is running roughly, or see your oil pressure light flash on and off. The engine may stall, stop working, or even catch fire in extreme cases.  Your check engine warning light may turn on.  

Buick Brake Problems

Brake problems are another recurring issue for some Buick owners. Squealing, shaking, or grinding noises coming from the brakes are all signs of a brake defect in a Buick. Some drivers have reported that their brakes grab at take-off or lock up. When left unaddressed, these issues can lead to brake failure. If these brake issues or any other vehicle issues repeatedly happen in your Buick, your Buick may be eligible as a lemon under California lemon law. Other common lemon law issues in Buicks include the following:

  • Faulty airbags
  • Faulty seat belts
  • Electrical problems
  • Problems with informational screens and backup cameras 
  • Transmission slipping or failing
  • Engine failing
  • Inoperable power steering
  • Engine stalling while driving
  • Check engine light illuminating
  • Defective vehicle alignment

How Much Is My Buick Claim Worth?

When a vehicle qualifies as a lemon under California’s lemon law, the owner is entitled to two different remedies. General Motors will be legally required to replace the defective Buick with a brand new Buick or more commonly repurchase the vehicle back from the consumer. Additionally, General Motors will be required to reimburse the owner for all the incidental and consequential costs associated with the vehicle being in the repair shop. 

These costs include the cost of renting a vehicle or towing. When a manufacturer willfully violates California law, it can be required to pay an additional civil penalty up to twice the amount of the consumer’s actual damages. General Motors will also be required to pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. In California, consumers only have four years to file a lemon law claim. If you suspect your Buick is a lemon, we recommend contacting Wirtz law as soon as possible. 

Contact a Buick Lemon Law Attorney in California

Dealing with a defective vehicle can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful. If you have purchased a lemon Buick, you have rights. When you work with one of the skilled lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. We have a proven track record of successfully obtaining the best outcomes possible in our clients’ lemon law cases. If you suspect that your Buick is a lemon and you are interested in a buyback of your vehicle, contact Wirtz Law to schedule a free case evaluation. 

The lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law help residents of California with the Buick lemon law claims all throughout California including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. 

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