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Wirtz Law APC represents Dodge consumers in California lemon law claims.

Manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Auto (FCA) (now called Stellantis), the Dodge line of sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks boast style, handling, and dependability. Despite the popularity of this iconic brand, Dodge drivers have complained about all types of defects.

If you own or lease a Dodge that has been in for repeated or multiple repairs that have not been fixed, our experienced lemon law attorneys will work with you to protect your consumer rights. We have in-depth knowledge of the California lemon law, and the skills to handle your lemon law claim through negotiation, litigation, or trial. Contact us today so we can determine whether you have a valid lemon law claim and explore your legal options. We offer free consultations and all our fees are paid by the automakers when we prevail.

The Experienced Choice in Dodge Lemon Law Claims

Under California’s Lemon Law, if you’ve given an automaker a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair your defective vehicle but the problems persist, your car might qualify for repurchase or replacement. Big automakers like Dodge often try to muddy the water and re-define the analysis of Lemon Law qualification to their benefit – which is why consumers should never fight the big automakers alone!

Generally speaking, as few as two (2) repair opportunities can be enough for your car to qualify. Don’t rely on Dodge’s evaluation of your repair history. The best way to determine if your Dodge qualifies is to contact our lemon law attorneys today. We will work tirelessly to help you recover your maximum compensation.

Common Dodge Defects

If your Dodge has been in for repeated repairs while under the manufacturers’ warranty, you may have a lemon on your hands. When you partner with Wirtz Law APC, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected.

In spite of Dodge’s reputation for dependability and durability, drivers have complained about a wide range of defects. These defects have been reported across the Dodge line and FCA has issued numerous recalls and technical service bulletins, and they include the following:

Dodge Issues

  • Faulty brake pads/rotors
  • Acceleration problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Fuel system defects
  • Vibrating axles
  • Cruise control malfunctions
  • Transmission leaks
  • Engine stalls

The Dodge Ram is Not So Tough

Dodge Ram pickup consumers have lodged thousands of complaints about:

  • Cracked dashboards caused by defective plastic
  • Engineering flaws
  • Manufacturing defects

Ram pickup drivers have also complained about front-end vibration while traveling at high speeds on highways or after hitting a bump on the road, the notorious “death wobble,” making it difficult to maintain control. If you own or lease a defective Dodge Ram that the dealer cannot or refuses to repair, our experienced lemon law attorneys can help.

Our legal team will handle all the details of your lemon law claim including:

  • Conducting an investigation

  • Reviewing the repair history of your BMW

  • Collecting evidence such as the manufacturer’s warranty, repair invoices, and communications with the automaker or Dodge dealer (correspondence, email, text messages)

  • Having your vehicle repair records analyzed by a mechanical expert

  • Filing a lemon law lawsuit and representing you through trial if necessary

  • Negotiating a settlement with Dodge and opposing counsel

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Dodge Recalls

Be advised numerous Dodge recalls have recently been issued:

Faulty Software

In July 2021, Dodge recalled 32,002 model year 2019-2020 Ram 3500, 4500, and 550 cab chassis vehicles due to engine calibration software that may not warn about low oil volume. Low oil can damage the engine, causing an oil leak or a punctured engine block, increasing the risk of fire and serious injuries. Dealers have been instructed to update the engine calibration software.

Improperly Bound Windshields

In August 2021, the automaker recalled 21,258 model year 2020-2021 Dodge Challengers, Chargers, and Chrysler 300s for improperly bonded windshields that could detach in a crash, increasing the risk of serious injury. Dealers have been instructed to remove and replace the front windshield urethane sealant free of charge.

Defective Airbags

In Sept. 2021 FCA announced the recall of 212,373 model year 2015-2020 Ram 1500 Classics and 2015-2016 Ram 3500s and Ram 2500s due to defective airbags. The side airbag inflatable curtain (SABIC) inflator end cap may detach or the inflator sidewall may rupture, allowing compressed gas to escape. This can result in the end cap or other components being propelled into the vehicle, increasing the risk of injury or crash. Dealers have been instructed to inspect the SABIC assemblies as necessary.

Why You Need a Dodge Lemon Law Attorney

Contact Our Experienced California Dodge Lemon Law Trial Attorneys

If you believe your Dodge vehicle is a lemon, you need an attorney who will fight hard for your rights. You also need a lawyer who is highly experienced in handling California lemon law claims and has a track record of success in settlement negotiations and litigation. You need the lemon law trial attorneys at Wirtz Law APC.

If your lemon law claim prevails, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle or a refund (minus a statutory mileage deduction). If we can show that the automaker or the dealer willfully violated the California lemon law), you may also be entitled to additional civil penalty damages of up to two times your buy back damages. Trust our team to help you navigate the legal process and stand by you every step of the way.

Don’t go up against Dodge on your own. Let Wirtz Law APC handle your claim and help you recover every dollar you deserve. Contact our office today so we can start working on your lemon law claim.

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