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Jeep Lemon Law Attorney

Jeep is an iconic Fiat Chrysler Auto (now called Stellantis) brand that boasts the flexibility of handling both on-road and off-road terrain. However, Jeep does not rate well with consumers in terms of performance, safety, customer satisfaction, or value. If you own or lease a Jeep that has been in for numerous repairs or repeatedly out of service, you need an experienced California lemon law trial attorney at your side. 

At Wirtz Law APC our practice is dedicated to fighting back against big automakers and protecting the rights of auto consumers. We have a proven history of successfully negotiating, litigating, and taking to trial, Jeep lemon law claims and helping our clients maximize their compensation. 

Once we determine that you have a valid lemon law claim, we will explore all your legal options. We offer complimentary consultations and our fees are paid by the manufacturer when we prevail. Don’t go up against Fiat Chrysler alone. Contact our experienced Jeep defects attorney today.