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Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota, a Japanese auto manufacturer. Lexus is Japan’s highest-selling manufacturer of luxury vehicles. Lexus started as a premium sedan but has expanded to include new models. Despite being a luxury brand, Lexus vehicles may still have manufacturing defects that can affect the usability and safety of the vehicle.

Is Your Lexus a Lemon? Wirtz Law Can Help

If your Lexus is defective and hasn’t been repaired in a reasonable number of attempts, you may be eligible for compensation under the California lemon law. At Wirtz Law, our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of California’s lemon law. We have successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients who have purchased lemons. Contact us to schedule your free case evaluation to learn more about how you may be entitled to relief from your defective Lexus.

California’s Lemon Law for Lexus 

The lemon law in California applies to new vehicles that have been leased or sold in California. The vehicle must have been covered under the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty when you first began taking the vehicle in for repairs. Even if your Lexus warranty has expired, you may still be entitled to relief if you took your Lexus in for a repair while it was still under warranty. 

If you succeed in your lemon law claim, you will be entitled to Lexus’s buyback of your vehicle. You can also pursue a replacement vehicle. In many cases, our attorneys can obtain additional damages for our clients. For example, if Lexus willfully violated California law, the consumer is entitled to up to double their actual damages and attorney’s fees and cost. California’s lemon law applies to all car makes and models sold in California, including the following Lexus models:

  • Lexus CT
  •  Lexus IS
  •  Lexus HS
  •  Lexus ES
  •  Lexus GS
  •  Lexus LS
  •  Lexus SC
  •  Lexus RC
  •  Lexus LC
  •  Lexus LFA
  •  Lexus UX
  •  Lexus NX
  •  Lexus RX
  •  Lexus GX
  •  Lexus LX
  •  Lexus LM

Does My Lexus Qualify As a Lemon?

For your Lexus to qualify as a lemon, it must have a substantial impairment or serious defects that haven’t been fixed after a reasonable number of attempts to fix it. Making two repair attempts is typically enough to meet this requirement. A substantial defect is a problem that is covered under the vehicle’s warranty and impacts the vehicle’s value, use, or safety. Here are the requirements for a Lexus to be considered a lemon in California:

  • The defect first occurred within the factory warranty period
  • The Lexus dealership failed to fix the defect within a reasonable number of attempts
  • The vehicle’s defects were covered under the vehicle’s warranty

In most cases, taking your Lexus in two to three times or having your Lexus at the repair shop for 30-plus days is enough to satisfy the requirement for a reasonable number of repair attempts. An example of a substantial defect would be faulty steering or faulty brakes. 

Minor defects such as a faulty glove box light will not fall under the category of a substantial defect. If you aren’t sure whether your Lexus qualifies as a lemon, we recommend contacting our law firm as soon as possible. We can review your case and advise you whether your vehicle is a lemon, entitling you to compensation. 

Common Lexus Defects 

Other common defects among Lexus include the following:

  • Defective seat belts
  • Engine issues, including engine failure and vibration
  • Transmission issues, including delays and lagging
  • Defective sensors
  • Sunroof, doors, and navigation system failures
  • Failure to start
  • Brake defects that lead to tire problems
  • Faulty electrical system causing dashboard problems
  • Oil and water leaks 

If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above or other issues, we recommend setting up your free initial consultation to discuss your vehicle with a Lexus Lemon Law attorney.

I Think My Lexus Is Defective. What Should I Do Now?

When pursuing a lemon law claim, it’s essential that you have a paper trail in which all of your documents are in order. As soon as you suspect that your Lexus may be a lemon, begin keeping records of all of the visits to the dealership and repair shop. You will need to present the following documents as part of your lemon law claim:

  • Any documents related to the warranty
  • Proof of the Lexus purchase or lease agreement
  • Your financing agreement, if applicable
  • All repair orders, receipts, bills, or any other paperwork given to you by the dealership
  • Any additional information regarding email, text, or phone calls with the Lexus

Next, we recommend contacting a skilled lemon law attorney at Wirtz Law. Lexus or its dealership may try to downplay the defect or deny that your Lexus is a lemon. When you meet with one of our attorneys, we will give you legal advice on the spot. We will handle your lemon law claim from start to finish, including all of the issues and headaches that come with owning a lemon. 

Contact a Lexus Lemon Law Attorney in California

You don’t have to continue putting up with your Lexus lemon’s stress and hassle. At Wirtz Law, our California lemon law attorneys have a strong track record of success in California’s lemon law claims. We will pursue a full refund of the purchase price of your vehicle and any additional civil damages to which you are entitled. 

We frequently get every penny back that our clients are paid, incidental and consequential damages, civil penalties, plus attorney’s fees. If you want to pursue getting a like-kind model instead of a refund, we can help. Contact the experienced lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law today to schedule your free case evaluation.

The lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law help residents of California with the Lexus lemon law claims all throughout California including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. 

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