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The Range Rover and Land Rover are well-known luxury sports utility vehicles manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover. Though marketed as high-end, many California consumers have experienced multiple ongoing and severe problems with their Land Rovers. Have you taken your Land Rover into the repair shop numerous times? Are you frustrated that you didn’t get the luxury vehicle you purchased? Your vehicle might qualify as a lemon under California lemon law. Owners of vehicles considered lemons might be entitled to a new car or a refund.

Contact a California Land Rover Lemon Law Attorney 

If your Land Rover has a manufacturing defect resulting in your vehicle becoming unusable, unsafe, or less valuable, you may have a claim under a California lemon law. It’s important that you understand your rights under the California lemon law. The skilled lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law are well versed in California’s lemon law and federal warranty law. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to advocate for you to obtain the total compensation you deserve. Contact Wirtz Law today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Am I Eligible for Protection Under California’s Lemon Law?

Under California’s lemon law, consumers who have purchased a malfunctioning or defective vehicle and force manufacturers to pay them compensation. If their vehicle is eligible as a lemon, the consumer can force the manufacturer to purchase the Land Rover back or replace it with a new vehicle. The vehicle owner needs to show that non-conformities are present to qualify for protection. 

Non-conformities are malfunctions or defects that substantially affect the vehicle and are covered under Land Rover’s manufacture warranty. The owner will also need to show that these malfunctions are defects that substantially impair the Land Rover’s use, value, or safety as a consumer. Any of the following models of Land Rovers may qualify as a lemon under California lemon law:

  •  Defender 90
  •  Defender 110
  •  Range Rover
  •  Range Rover Sport
  •  Range Rover Evoque
  •  Range Rover Evoque Convertible
  •  Range Rover
  •  Range Rover Velar
  •  Discovery Sport
  •  Range Rover Three Doors
  •  Freelander
  •  Land Rover LR2
  •  Land Rover LR3
  •  Land Rover LR4

Qualifying Warranties for Defective Land Rovers Under California’s Lemon Law

If your Land Rover is under a factory warranty, the California lemon law will apply in your case. You’ll need to show that you have attempted four or more different repairs on the same defect while under a factory warranty. Alternatively, you will need to show that you have attempted two repairs for a defect that can cause serious injury or death while under a factory warranty. Additionally, you may be eligible for coverage under California’s lemon laws if you cannot use your vehicle for at least 30 cumulative days while under the factory warranty.

The Benefits of Working with a Lemon Law Attorney

Thankfully, California has one of the most extensive pro-consumer lemon laws in the country. The Land Rover lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law will evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. If Wirtz Law takes your case, our team will help you achieve a great result. While other attorneys may settle for helping you receive a cash payment, Wirtz Law will do everything possible to help you get your qualifying vehicle bought back under the California lemon law and will also seek civil penalties against Jaguar for its failure to comply with the law. You may be entitled to civil damages of up to twice the purchase price of your Land Rover if you can prove that Jaguar willfully violated provisions within the California lemon law. 

Common Lemon Law Defects in Land Rovers

There are specific guidelines in California’s lemon law to determine whether a Land Rover is considered a lemon. Not all defects will make the owner eligible for a refund or new care. Some of the most common qualifying defects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  Tire, axle, or brake noise
  •  Steering issues, such as misalignment and vibration
  •  Oil leaks
  •  Air suspension problems
  •  Engine malfunctions such as stalling, shutting off, and vibration
  •  Defective fuel injectors and/or fuel gauges
  •  Airbag defects
  •  Electronic problems with the windows, door locks, navigation systems
  •  Heating and air conditioning problems
  •  Failure to start
  •  Parking brake failure
  •  Steering shaft problems
  •  Leaky sunroof

Filing a Claim Against Land Rover

The California lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law have the experience and resources necessary to investigate your case. We will determine whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon and whether Jaguar has had a reasonable opportunity to make the required repairs. If you have a case under California’s lemon law, we will advocate for you to receive a new vehicle or for Jaguar to re-purchase your vehicle. We will help you pursue a lawsuit against Jaguar.

Land Rover Lemon Law Buyback

Jaguar must repurchase your lemon if it qualifies under California’s lemon laws. You also have the option to demand that Jaguar provide you with a replacement vehicle. For Jaguar to buy back your vehicle, you will need to have an appropriate warranty, establish that your vehicle has qualifying defects, and prove that you’ve given Jaguar a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle, which they failed to do.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim Against Land Rover?

You will have four years from the end of the written new car warranty to submit a lemon law claim. We don’t recommend waiting until the end of this four-year time frame to consult with an attorney. Jaguar may try to argue that the time limit began to run as soon as you realized you had purchased a lemon. 

Discuss Your Land Rover Lemon Law Case With a Skilled Attorney

When consumers purchase a Jaguar, they expect to receive a high-end SUV brand with the excellent performance and luxury they expect. Whether you lease or own a Land Rover or Range Rover that has been out of service for an extended time period or your vehicle has had ongoing problems, you might be entitled to a new car or a refund. The experienced California lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law will conduct a thorough investigation into whether you have a valid claim under California lemon law. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. 

The lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law help residents of California with the Land Rover lemon law claims all throughout California including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. 

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