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Tesla is a well-known American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Texas. Tesla only manufactures electric cars, solar panels, and related products and services. Currently, Tesla has the most battery electric vehicles and plug-in vehicles sales of any company. Tesla has a dedicated group of devoted customers who eagerly await the launch of new Tesla models. Unfortunately, some Teslas have significant defects causing them to be lemons. 

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If you’ve purchased a Tesla that is under warranty and you’ve had to take it back to Tesla for repairs more than twice, your Tesla may be considered a lemon. Under California’s lemon law, you may have the right to require Tesla to buy back your vehicle or replace it with a new vehicle. If you’re tired of the stress and inconvenience involved with getting your Tesla repaired, contact the skilled lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law to schedule your free case evaluation. 

California’s Lemon Law for Teslas

Tesla strives to combine quality craftsmanship with the most up-to-date electric vehicle technology. Their innovative approach has made them one of the world’s most valuable companies. However, Tesla vehicles can be defective.  When customers purchase a lemon from Tesla, they can file a claim under California’s lemon law.   

Tesla makes customers sign arbitration agreements when you order your Tesla and when you buy your Tesla.  It is important to opt out of the arbitration agreement within 30 days of signing it to preserve your right to have your day in court and pursue your lemon law rights.  Don’t give up your right to a jury trial if you have lemon law claims.

The lemon law allows customers to require a manufacturer to replace or buy back their vehicle under warranty if it has substantial defects and hasn’t been fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts. Two repair attempts may be enough to make your Tesla a lemon.  All vehicles can be considered a lemon and are protected under California’s lemon law, including all of the following Tesla models:

  • Tesla Model S
  •  Tesla Model X
  •  Tesla Model Y
  •  Tesla Model 3
  •  Tesla Roadster

How Much Is My Tesla Lemon Law Claim Worth?

When your Tesla needs multiple repairs under warranty and the problem affects your Tesla’s use, value, or safety, you can seek compensation under California’s lemon law. Customers who’ve purchased a Tesla are entitled to a buyback or a replacement vehicle that isn’t defective from Tesla. Additionally, customers are entitled to compensation for the incidental and consequential cost, such as a rental vehicle or towing costs that you incurred.   

If there is evidence that Tesla willfully violated California’s laws by failing to follow the lemon law or by failing to buy back your defective Tesla, you may be entitled to an additional civil damage award up to twice the amount of your actual damages. Tesla would also be obligated to pay for your attorneys’ fees and costs, meaning that you pay us nothing until Wirtz Law successfully resolves your case. 

Common Defects in Tesla Vehicles

Tesla vehicles are entirely electronic and experience different defects than vehicles with gas engines. Teslas are often plagued with problems that many other vehicles don’t have. Some of the most common defects with Tesla include the following:

  • The Tesla isn’t getting the correct range when charged
  • Problems with the center touchscreen 
  • Occasional power loss
  • The battery wearing down prematurely
  • Updates that have bugs that render the Tesla undrivable
  • Premature cold battery degradation
  • Problems with the build quality, including paint blemishes and gaps in panels
  • Media Control Unit (MCU) memory failures
  • Heating element failures
  • Suspension problems
  • Water in the lights
  • Sticking steering rack
  • Issues with rear door seals
  • Rear doorsteps wearing through to the metal
  • Loose doors
  • Windows that don’t work
  • Zip ties that break causing parts to rattle

If your Tesla is experiencing any of the issues listed above or any other issue that hasn’t been fixed after two or more repair attempts, it may be a lemon. You have rights under the California lemon law. Whether it’s malfunctioning electronics or peeling paint or doors that don’t stay closed, the Tesla lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law can help you understand your rights. We will pursue a buyback from Tesla so you can move on with your life.

Is Your Tesla a Lemon?

You will need to prove several elements to require Tesla to buy back your vehicle or replace your vehicle. First, you will need to show that you’ve allowed Tesla to make a reasonable number of attempts to repair your vehicle. There is no strict definition of how many attempts constitute a reasonable number of attempts. Two attempts can be enough to create a lemon.  You also need to show that you presented your Tesla for repair while under warranty.  You also need to prove that the defects affected the use, value or safety of your vehicle.

If your warranty has expired, you can still file a claim under California’s lemon law as long as you presented your vehicle for repairs at least twice during the warranty period. 

What Constitutes a Substantial Defect?

As mentioned above, California lemon law requires that you prove your Tesla has a substantial defect. You will also need to show that the vehicle hasn’t been repaired after multiple attempts to get it repaired or that it’s been at Tesla’s repair facility for 30 or more days while being repaired. Substantial defects are defects that impair the vehicle’s use, value, or safety. 

A substantial defect can affect the vehicle’s use and prevent you from driving it as intended to be driven. For example, with Teslas, when the electronic computer system isn’t working due to a bug or other defect, you cannot enjoy all of the features that come with your vehicle. Defects can also diminish a vehicle’s value to you when you can’t use the vehicle as you desire or when it wouldn’t sell for the price it usually would if the defect weren’t present. Finally, a substantial defect can be a safety defect that puts you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road in danger. 

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Are you still experiencing problems with your Tesla after several repair attempts? You don’t need to suffer from stress any longer. Keep documentation of all the repairs and attempted repairs to your Tesla vehicle. Contact Wirtz Law today for a free case evaluation if you suspect your vehicle may be a lemon. Our experienced lemon law attorneys will carefully review your case and advise you of all of your legal options.

The lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law help residents of California with the Tesla lemon law claims all throughout California including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. 

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