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What is the California Lemon Law Buyback Program?

California is known for its citrus fruit, but California Lemon Law doesn’t actually govern lemonade. The “Lemon Law” buyback program protects new car buyers. 

If you’re buying a new car, you expect there to be no problems. However, you might find that your car needs significant repairs or is otherwise in poor mechanical condition. California protects buyers with the Lemon Buyback Law.

What is the Lemon Buyback Law?

Car buyers who purchase a new car are protected under California law. This law applies if a new vehicle isn’t running well and or has near-term mechanical issues. Under the Lemon Law, the vehicle manufacturer also is required to make any necessary repairs as long as a car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Lemon Law excludes third-party warranties or extended warranty purchases.

If the car manufacturer, through their factory-designated repair service, attempts to repair the damage and problems persist, it may be required to purchase the car back from you at the original price you paid.

The Lemon Buyback Law qualifies the vehicle for a buyback if they experienced a problem or problems that substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle, and two or more attempts to keep the car running correctly have been unsuccessful.

How does the Lemon Law protect me?

A car is called a “lemon” when it needs extensive repairs or just doesn’t work right no matter how many times it’s been fixed. New cars are almost always covered under the Lemon Law.

How does the Lemon Buyback Law help me?

When you buy a car, you’re purchasing it in good faith, assuming it runs properly and is safe. If you bought a new car that continually breaks, then you may have recourse under the Lemon Buyback Law.

If you’ve unknowingly purchased a car that’s in bad condition, you may be able to return it for the full price you paid. A lawyer may be able to help you prove your case, allowing you to return or replace the vehicle.

Do you have a Lemon?

Did you buy a lemon? Do you need help enforcing the California Lemon Buyback Law? For more information, call the experienced trial attorneys at (858) 259-5009 for a free case evaluation. Our team is experienced with the legal obligations under the California Lemon Law and will help represent your interests and work to get you maximum damages. 


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