Some Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Pose a Fire Risk the Manufacturers Can’t Fix

Mercedes-Benz is a popular and trusted luxury vehicle brand. Like all manufacturers, however, Mercedes-Benz experiences problems from time to time that cause issues with vehicle safety. 

In January 2022, Mercedes-Benz released a statement warning customers that some Mercedes-Benz vehicles pose a fire risk. The company has further explained that issuing a vehicle recall is impossible because they don’t have the parts needed to fix the problem. 

Fire Risk in Specific Mercedes-Benz Models

Auto corporation Daimler sent out warnings to 800,000 vehicle owners in January 2022, cautioning that certain models of Mercedes-Benz pose a risk of catching on fire. 

The company shared that an issue has been found with the coolant pump. The coolant pump works to ensure the engine doesn’t get too hot while the vehicle is running. When the coolant pump leaks, the engine can’t properly be cooled. This puts other engine components at risk of overheating.

Not every car will experience coolant pump issues. Even when a leak is present, it’s also not guaranteed that a fire will be the result. However, an engine fire could be caused by this mechanical issue. Mercedes-Benz has chosen to inform customers of the risk because it’s a serious safety issue. 

Precautions for Mercedes-Benz Owners

As part of its warning to vehicle owners, Daimler suggested that owners drive the affected models as little as possible and drive with care when using the car. This advice may help protect the manufacturers from liability, but it’s not very practical for vehicle owners who need to use their cars to get around. 

For those who don’t have the option of forgoing the use of an affected vehicle, some precautions can help avoid serious accidents. Mercedes-Benz owners can regularly service the vehicle and instruct mechanics to check the coolant pump closely. 

Vehicle owners can also check the pavement under a parked vehicle for any signs of leaking fluid. Finally, keep an eye on the temperature gauge while driving. 

Is it getting warm in here?

It’s normal for a vehicle’s temperature gauge to show some fluctuations. However, since the company has warned that an engine fire is a real possibility, it’s important to watch the temperature closely. 

At the first sign of overheating, a driver should take precautions by pulling over, waiting for the engine to cool, and seeing a mechanic immediately. 

If the coolant level is low, add more before driving anywhere. Taking extra precautions may cause some inconvenience, but it’s better than risking an engine fire while you’re riding in the vehicle. 

No Recall in Sight

The fire hazard is severe enough to merit a vehicle recall. However, Mercedes-Benz hasn’t announced a recall because the manufacturers don’t have the parts necessary to fix the issue. 

This is expected to be a temporary problem. Daimler has stated that once the necessary parts are available, a recall will be announced. 

Which Mercedes-Benz Models to Watch

Only nine models have so far been identified as having coolant pump issues that pose a risk of an engine fire. Daimler has identified the affected models as the following: 

  • C-Class (205 platform) 2014-2021
  • CLS (257 platform) 2018-present
  • E-Class (213 platform) 2017-present
  • E-Class Coupe/Convertible (238 platform) 2017-oresent
  • G-Class (463 platform) 2018-present
  • GLC (253 platform) 2016-present
  • GLE/GLS (167 platform) 2020-present
  • S-Class (222 platform) 2013-2020
  • S-Class (223 platform) 2013-2020

Mercedes-Benz owners should check their vehicles and know whether they have an affected model. For the time being, the official recommendation is to drive the car as little as possible and await a recall announcement. 

How long that might take is still uncertain. Supply chain issues caused by COVID-19 continue to create long wait times for manufacturers, and Daimler has yet to indicate when the parts needed to initiate a recall will be available again. 

Mercedes-Benz owners may be waiting a while before they hear further news. In the meantime, owners of an affected vehicle can contact their local Mercedes Benz dealership for more information on handling vehicle issues. The dealership may also have the most up-to-date news on when a recall will be possible. 

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