Orange County Jury Awards $103,001.16, including 2x Civil Penalty against FCA for Defective 2012 Dodge Durango under California Lemon Law

Juan G. bought a used 2012 Dodge Durango to be his family’s vehicle for everyday driving. Just under two months after purchase, the problems started. Juan brought in the Durango for repair nine times in less than three years to FCA dealerships, complaining of everything from oil leaks to dangerous and unsafe loss of power and stalling.  Just under three years after purchase, Juan contacted FCA and requested buyback. FCA refused. Juan and his family lost confidence in the Durango and FCA’s ability to fix any of the issues.

After FCA’s refusal, Juan hired counsel. The case went to trial in Orange County Superior Court, where Juan was represented by California Lemon Law Trial Attorneys Richard Wirtz and Amy Rotman from Wirtz Law APC. After a two-week trial, the jury awarded Juan with the maximum damages awardable under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (California Lemon Law): repurchase and a two-time civil penalty for a total of $103,001.16, plus FCA was ordered to pay plaintiff’s attorney’s fees and costs. The jury agreed that FCA had willfully violated the Calfiornia Lemon Law by refusing to repurchase the vehicle despite the repeated repair visits and serious, unrepaired defects.

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