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Everything You Need to Know About the RAM Truck Diesel CP4 Fuel Pump Lawsuits

A class action has been filed in which consumers claim that FCA US, LLC and its parent company Stellantis knowingly sold diesel trucks with a defective part. That part was a CP4 fuel pump manufactured by Bosch. According to the consumers, this pump led to “catastrophic” complications for their vehicles. If you drive a RAM…
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Teslas charging

Everything You Need to Know About Tesla’s October Software Rollback

On October 23, 2021, Tesla released a new beta test (update 10.3) for its full self-driving software. Within 24 hours, the company had issued a recall after seeing some issues.  Although there were no specific defects mentioned, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla’s quality assurance team had discovered problems with left turns being made at traffic…
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600,000 Large Ram Trucks Are Under Investigation… Here’s Why

This year, the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism began an investigation into more than 600,000 large Ram diesel trucks. According to a report, the investigative bureau has received more than 22 complaints about the 2019 and 2020 models of these trucks. Reportedly, the problem comes down to a loss of power that…
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Cars being assembled in factory

Will Self-Driving Cars Lead to More Lemon Law Claims in the Future?

Self-driving cars continue to grow in popularity and presence. And why shouldn’t they? They’re the stuff of the future!  But as the number of self-driving cars on the road expands, they’re statistically likely to face manufacturing defects. This is especially true given the number of high-tech elements these cars need to function.  Traditionally, the fault…
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Volkswagon camper on the beach

Most Common Volkswagen Defects: What Should You Look Out For?

Volkswagens are classic. Their long-standing reputation for quality and style makes them a popular car choice. But the last thing you want is a bug in your Bug.  With this in mind, it’s helpful to know the signs of common issues that crop up in Volkswagen vehicles. Faulty products are often the result of a…
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California Lemon Car

Lemon Law Lemon Checklist: Does My Car Qualify?

A bright yellow lemon looks like it should be delicious, but bite into one and you’ll quickly regret the decision. The promise of the appealing outside is quickly overwhelmed by the bitter taste within. This relatable experience is why defective vehicles are known as lemons.  A shiny new car can come with a strong brand…
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Common Problems and Repairs in BMW Vehicles: How to Look Out for Them

If you own a BMW, you likely understand the importance of quality, style, and function — and you’re willing to pay for them. But all vehicle manufacturers face flaws in the production process. Unfortunately, that may mean that the “ultimate driving machine” is less than what it’s promised to be.  A luxury car is an…
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Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Hyundai for Dangerous Battery Defect

On June 28, 2021, a new class action lawsuit was filed in California court against Hyundai Motor America. The plaintiff, Mr. Siamak Kermani, is represented by Wirtz Law APC, O’Connor Law Group, and Reallaw APC. The class action is on behalf of consumers throughout California, claiming dangerous battery systems in their electric Hyundai vehicles, caused…
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Class Action Lawsuit Filed against BMW for Dangerous Battery Defect

On December 3, 2020, a new class-action lawsuit was filed in California federal court against BMW of North America, LLC. The class action is on behalf of consumers throughout California, due to unreasonably dangerous battery systems in their hybrid BMW vehicles, caused by debris during the manufacturing process. The defective batteries were produced by Samsung…
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Forced Arbitration Review: Act Fast to Opt Out of Tesla’s Forced Arbitration Provision

Binding pre-dispute arbitration provisions are nearly ubiquitous in consumer contracts. Most consumers do not even know that such provisions are in the lengthy boilerplate contracts presented to them by credit card companies, mobile phone providers, and manufacturers. Arbitration has statistically verified as a less favorable forum for consumers and a more favorable forum for large…
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