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Recalled SUV being towed

Class-Action Lawsuit Against General Motors

General Motors, the car-manufacturing giant, has been named as the defendant in a class-action lawsuit filed in late 2021 in federal court. The company has been accused of producing cars with defective fuel management lifters, which are a safety hazard. This defect could be a breach of warranty laws. Manufacturer defects such as these may…
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Couple in new car after wining lemon law case

What to Expect After Winning a Lemon Law Lawsuit

Congratulations! You’ve won your Lemon Law lawsuit against a car manufacturer or dealership. You, unfortunately, had a car that was a “lemon” and needed repeated repairs or had issues that couldn’t be fixed. At this point, you may have been able to return the car for the full purchase price. However, after you’ve won the…
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Cars being assembled in factory

Spotting the Differences Between Manufacturer Defects, Repair Shop Negligence, and User Error

Did you purchase a lemon of a car? Or did the mechanic damage your car or fail to properly repair it? Maybe the problems with your vehicle are simply a case of “user error.” If there is a problem with your car that could cause serious injury if you drove it, or if you’ve tried…
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Couple with broken down suv

Getting Started on Your Lemon Law Claim 

California offers consumer protections for vehicles considered “lemons” — cars with remaining warranty coverage that have a serious manufacturer defect or defects.  The vehicle must be unable to be fixed within a reasonable number of repair attempts. If your car has an irreparable flaw or defect, then you may be entitled to a refund or…
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Lemon Law

What is the California Lemon Law Buyback Program?

California is known for its citrus fruit, but California Lemon Law doesn’t actually govern lemonade. The “Lemon Law” buyback program protects new car buyers.  If you’re buying a new car, you expect there to be no problems. However, you might find that your car needs significant repairs or is otherwise in poor mechanical condition. California…
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Some Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Pose a Fire Risk the Manufacturers Can’t Fix

Mercedes-Benz is a popular and trusted luxury vehicle brand. Like all manufacturers, however, Mercedes-Benz experiences problems from time to time that cause issues with vehicle safety.  In January 2022, Mercedes-Benz released a statement warning customers that some Mercedes-Benz vehicles pose a fire risk. The company has further explained that issuing a vehicle recall is impossible…
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Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Approved for Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

If you’re the owner of a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, you may have some money coming your way.  In February 2020, two different class-action lawsuits were filed on behalf of owners and lessees of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. After nearly two years of legal proceedings, the court has preliminarily approved a settlement for one of the…
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Teslas charging

475K Tesla Cars Recalled over Safety Concerns

Tesla is famous for making history with its self-driving electric cars. But now, the electric car company is making headlines for a different reason: safety concerns related to camera issues and trunk functionality that contribute to the likelihood of an accident.  Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S Recalled The most recent Tesla recall was announced…
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New Solution to Tesla Shudder Issue

For a while now, owners of some Tesla cars have been dealing with annoying mechanical issues. For example, some Tesla models have a known ongoing shudder issue. When you pay Tesla prices, the last thing you want to be left dealing with is a shaking vehicle. Tesla has finally gotten around to addressing the issue.…
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California Lemon

Four Myths About California Lemon Law

There is a lot being said about the California lemon law. At this point, you probably know the basics. It’s a law that protects the buyers of vehicles within the state by enforcing these mandates on manufacturers: They must have accessible repair facilities within the state They must repair defective parts within 30 days They…
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