The Mega-Profitable Auto Industry Should Buyback Its Lemons

It’s no surprise that the leading auto makers in the world are making so much money that the average consumer has to count the commas in the profit numbers to read it.  That’s right — three commas means billions, not just millions.  Twelve of the world’s auto manufacturers are in the Global Fortune 500 list of companies.  While Volkswagen tops the list of auto makers at number 7 by sheer revenue ($282.76 Billion), Toyota at number 10 is more profitable, with a whopping $19 Billion in profits annually, or $36,000 per minute.  Collectively, these twelve auto manufacturers reported making more than $63 Billion in profit annually, or $120,000 per minute.

Fortune 500 Chart

So when the average consumer spends most of its earnings on a car or truck so they can get to work or take their kids to school and the car or truck has defects that can’t be fixed, why is it so hard to get these companies to repurchase vehicles that qualify as lemons under California’s Lemon Law?  The answer is simple.  The auto industry puts profit ahead of the consumer and ahead of safety.  A defective car not only puts you the driver at risk, but your loved ones, friends, and even strangers on the road.

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