Riverside Lemon Law FAQ

How Much Does a Riverside Lemon Law Lawyer Cost?

How Much Does a Riverside Lemon Law Lawyer Cost?

Under California lemon law, assistance from a Riverside lemon law attorney costs nothing if you win your case. 

California lemon law states that if an auto manufacturer is found liable for selling a “lemon,” the court can require the manufacturer to pay for your losses. These payments may include:

  • Buyback. A “buyback” occurs when the automaker gives a vehicle owner a refund for their defective vehicle. California law includes formulas for calculating the value of a buyback. 
  • Incidental and consequential damages. You had to pay these amounts because your vehicle turned out to be a lemon. For example, if you had to rent a car to get to work because yours was in the shop, your rental costs may be reimbursed as incidental and consequential damages. 
  • Civil Penalties. A civil penalty is additional damages paid to you for the willful failure of the automaker to follow the California lemon law. Successfully proving a willful failure may entitle you to additional damages up to two times the amount of your actual damages. 
  • Lawyer’s fees and costs and expenses. If you win your case, the automaker must pay your attorney, including attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses. 

If you win your case, lawyer’s fees and costs and expenses are awarded in addition to whatever amount the automaker owes you. You do not have to pay your attorney fees, costs, and expenses from your buyback award – the automaker will pay your lawyer separately. 

Lemon law attorneys work on a contingency basis. In other words, the lawyer is paid only if your case succeeds. When you talk to an experienced Riverside lemon lawyer, you can learn more about your chances for success. 

No attorney can guarantee that you’ll win your lemon law case. However, experienced Riverside lemon law attorneys can make educated predictions about what will happen in court. To discuss your case and learn about your options, talk to an experienced lemon lawyer in Riverside today. Your consultation with Wirtz Law APC is free and confidential.

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