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General Motors (GM) manufactured a midsize SUV, the GMC Envoy, between 1998 and 2009. In 2002, GMC revived the Envoy name for a new midsize SUV similar to the Chevy Trailblazer. The Envoy comes with an inline-six-cylinder engine. GM also offered a high-end Denali addition with a V-8 powertrain and cylinder deactivation. 

GMC Envoys are popular SUVs with high consumer rating approval. However, as with all vehicles, GMC manufactured some Envoys that were lemons with substantial defects. If you purchased a GMC Envoy and you’ve had to continue taking it in for repairs, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle or a buyback of your vehicle through California’s lemon law. 

California’s Lemon Law for GMC Envoy Vehicles

California has one of the most protective lemon laws for consumers. When your vehicle is eligible as a lemon, you are entitled to a legal remedy from the car manufacturer. California lemon law requires that motor vehicle manufacturers replace vehicles that are considered lemons. They can also buy back a lemon vehicle from the owner.

Under California’s lemon law, you will need to show that you have allowed GM to repair your defective Envoy through a reasonable number of repair attempts. The defect must affect the use, value, or safety of the vehicle.  There is no specific number as to what constitutes a reasonable number of repair attempts, but it can be as few as two times. 

Common Lemon Law Defects in GMC Envoy Vehicles

While GMC vehicles have relatively high safety ratings, they are still prone to specific defects and safety issues. Some GMC Envoys have had significant power steering issues, leading to power steering failure. GMC vehicles have been recalled due to drivers experiencing a sudden failure in the power steering system.

Another common defect involves fuel tank overflow. Fuel tanks can overflow and leak due to faulty fuel sensors in the rear tank. Fuel tank overflow is a dangerous defect because it can lead to a risk of fire and potential explosion. GMC Envoys have also suffered from airbag failures, including failure to deploy, deploying late, or activation without a crash. 

Other defects include transmission defects that can lead a vehicle to hesitate when accelerating and decelerating. These are just a few of the most common defects in GMC Envoy vehicles, but many other defects could make your vehicle eligible under California’s lemon law.

How Much Is My Lemon Law Claim Worth?

You will be able to recover the amount you paid if your GMC Envoy is eligible as a lemon. Damages also include incidental and consequential damages related to the defects, such as costs related to tow truck drivers and rental vehicles while your vehicle is in the repair shop. In some cases, GMC intentionally violates California’s lemon laws by refusing to provide you with a new vehicle or buy back your GMC Envoy. If this has occurred in your case, you may be entitled to up to additional compensation in an amount up to two times your actual damages. 

If you are curious about how much your lemon law claim is worth, and whether it’s even worth your time to pursue compensation, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with Wirtz Law. For most vehicle owners, pursuing a lemon law claim is worth their time and energy. Whether you seek a replacement vehicle or a buyback of your current vehicle, you will be able to drive a safe and reliable vehicle once your claim has been completed. You will no longer have to waste time and money on taking your vehicle to the repair shop repeatedly.

Is Your GMC a Lemon?

You will need to demonstrate that your GMC Envoy is a lemon to recover a remedy through California’s lemon law. A lemon is defined as a vehicle that has one or more defects that cause it to not function properly, even after multiple repair attempts. Your GMC Envoy does not need to be in the repair shop for the same defect repeatedly, although that works too.  It can be different defects, as long as you have brought it in more than once. To be eligible for compensation, the defect or defects in your GMC need to substantially impair your vehicle’s use, value, or safety. 

Even if your vehicle has multiple defects, as long as you have given GMC a reasonable number of repair attempts, your vehicle will be eligible. Taking your vehicle in for repairs two or more times could be enough to meet this requirement, especially when the defects impair your vehicle’s use, value, or safety. You may also have an eligible lemon if your vehicle was in the repair shop for 30 days or longer and still has one or more defects. 

California’s lemon law protects owners of new vehicles that are still under a manufacturer’s warranty. Before obtaining a remedy, you will need to show that your vehicle has a qualifying warranty, not just an extended service contract. If you have a certified pre owned vehicle, you can still be eligible if at least one or more repair attempts occurred well your vehicle was under warranty. 

GMC Envoy Recalls

GMC Envoys have been subjected to several different recalls. One recall involved a faulty airbag inflator on the driver’s side that could fracture a weld while the airbag was deployed. Pieces of the inflator could strike vehicle occupants and cause them to be injured. The defect also causes the airbags to not inflate fully. Other recalls included problems with the left front brake pipe and failure to comply with the Child Restraint Anchorage System. 

Contact a GMC Envoy Lemon Law Attorney in California 

Have you had to take your GMC Envoy into the repair shop repeatedly? Do problems keep happening despite all of the repair attempts? We recommend discussing your case with an experienced lemon law attorney. The California lemon law attorneys at Wirtz Law can help you learn more about your legal rights and whether you’re eligible to seek legal remedies from GMC. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. 

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