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Delightful person

Mrs. Amy is a delightful person,she helps you, calms and assures you everything is going well and will help you. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Impressed and delighted

I am a personal injury attorney myself and was beyond impressed and delighted by the Wirtz firm’s knowledge, expertise, and aggressiveness in dealing with my lemon law case. The result I received was 32 times greater than the car company’s initial offer. I would l, and do, highly recommend Wirtz Law. Richard Wirtz and Amy Rotman we’re simply fantastic.

Felt very supported throughout the process

Jessica and Rich were great! They made the trial process very clear and understandable. I felt very supported throughout the process. Thanks!

Extremely professional, kind, and patient

I was so lucky to have Amy Rotman as my attorney. She was extremely professional, kind, and patient during this whole process. Not only did she help me, but she also educated me about my case and kept me informed at every point. Wirtz Law’s team was a pleasure to work with, including Jessica who assisted me in wrapping up my case. I will always recommend this firm to anyone who needs a Lemon Law lawyer.

Exceeded my expectations

I’m very grateful for the help I received from the Wirtz law firm. Amy Rotman exceeded my expectations and was always prompt and available to answer any of my questions. This office has a high level of professionalism and it would be the first law office I would recommend to my family and friends.

I trust his legal expertise

I first engaged Richard Wirtz for a personal civil matter involving a business partner in a real estate transaction. I was lucky enough to find Richard after working with a few other attorneys in the past. Richard was the only lawyer to come up with direct and clear-cut plans. He always kept me informed and always gave me a straight answer. Richard and his team worked closely with me to make sure we had all the documentation in order. We went through the discovery phase and deposition phase, and I was confident in Richard’s abilities just in case this matter ended up in a trial. He was professional and clearly a better litigator than his opponent based on the questions and responses he posed during the depositions. I was able to conclude this matter favorably and I was happy that he could retrieve the amount disputed. I had referred another case to Richard which I was getting outmuscled against a large corporation and once more having Richard and Team on my side was a pure blessing and I was able to resolve my lawsuit again favorably. Richard Wirtz is a solid trial attorney. He kept me informed on all progress and made certain that I understood what was before me and the best actions to take. He was dedicated to my cases and attentive to all of my concerns. He knows when to and where not to pursue legal remedies and is professional yet compassionate. I trust his legal expertise and know that I can count on him to always give sound legal advice. I will always be grateful for his assistance. I highly recommend Attorney Richard Wirtz and his law firm.

Service is superb

Highly recommend! Their service is superb! They will go above and beyond to get the job done! Thanks to Jessica Underwood who was so helpful! Best Lemon Law Attorneys around hands down.

Professional, compassionate, always prepared

We knew for our first meeting that we had the best legal team around. They were professional, compassionate, always prepared, and as determined as we were to handle our case. Their dedication & passion was apparent to everyone in the courthouse.

Very accessible and reliable

Professional and diligent. Very accessible and reliable. I felt like I have an advocate on my side.

Excellent customer service

All staff were very professional and provided excellent customer service. They were very helpful in answering all of our questions.They made the process easy to follow.Thank you

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Excellent customer service

All staff were very professional and provided excellent customer service. They were very helpful in answering all of our questions.They made the process easy to follow.Thank you

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