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Since retiring from the military in 1999, I have relied on Richard Wirtz for employment counsel through various career transitions. Not only did Richard thoroughly indoctrinate me into the myriad of considerations for civilian executive employment, but he did so with particular insights and advice (both employee and employer points of view) in the areas of:

– Broadly protecting financial interests
– Relocation considerations
– State-by-state applicability, especially through nuances of “at will employment”
– Non-compete clauses and protections
– Conditions of causal/non causal factors for termination
– Differences between public and private companies (employment & reporting standpoint, especially corporate governance)
– Preserving executive reputation through career transitions

Since my first interaction with Richard many years ago, I have continued to deeply rely on his advice and counsel. Richard has a unique and desirable skill of blending the legal considerations with the important factors of family values that have weighed heavily on my decisions over time. I author this because I have found it rare that I interact with employment attorneys who are as personable and understanding as Richard has been for me.

Though I have held executive roles in government, technology, and now retail – Richard has been able to help me navigate in all environments. Should PETCO not already be adequately staffed with internal employment counsel, I would make the recommendation to retain him immediately; I would offer the same highest recommendation of Richard to anyone looking for similar employment counsel.
– Jason Michal (Vice President, National Pet Supply Company)

Richard’s expertise as an attorney brought an end to a very stressful matter and provided a favorable resolution. His knowledge of a corporate topic enabled a quick clean ending to an otherwise complex contract. He quickly knew the law, illustrated and explained it, and implemented it without hesitation.
– Michael Rizza (President & CEO at Engineering Company)

With our small human resources department, we look to Richard to handle all our employment legal work. Richard’s approach has proven to be timely and accurate. Recently, in obtaining a dismissal of an employment lawsuit, Richard balanced a strong legal approach with sensitivity to the emotional aspect of dealing with a disgruntled employee.
– Michael Cuban (President, Design & Manufacturing Electrical Connectors)

Richard has represented our family business and land interests since 2002. He has economically guided us through land disputes with neighboring developers and government imagineear.com/pharmacy/ bureaucracy. Richard has an ability to identify reasonable solutions and simplify complex issues into workable solutions. In one case, Richard took over a land dispute case that was rapidly expanding and getting very expensive. Within months, Richard resolved the matter to our satisfaction.
– Chris Barczewski (Land Owner of Extensive Property)

As a retailer of women’s fashion clothing, my business uses Richard for our legal needs. He has assisted us with our leases, collection matters, insurance claims, and trade mark litigation. I trust his advice, perspective, and experience to help me make the right business decisions.
– Seya Mahvi (Owner, Fashion Retail)

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After 50 years of entrepreneurial ventures and many disputes using a variety of lawyers, I now count on Richard for solid answers to difficult and complex legal questions. He is both aggressive and rational in his approach to litigation, which I find to be a winning formula.
– Dean Greenberg (Entrepreneur, Intellectual Property)

In my insurance business, I see many disputes and many approaches by lawyers. When it comes to my business, I have used Richard. He eliminates the emotion, and replaces it with practical business solutions in the framework of the law.

– Alan Shetzer (Senior Executive, Insurance Sales)

As an accountant, I know many attorneys. When I needed a lawyer for an employment dispute, I chose Richard. His knowledge and experience in litigating trade secret issues was a clear advantage in resolving the matter.
– Michael Wastvedt (Owner, Accounting Services)

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Before hiring Richard, the multinational employer my engineering colleagues and I worked for would not confirm a calculation of our pension benefits based on our combined domestic and international work history. Richard clearly set forth our claims in such plain language that our employer’s promises about our pension before we transferred were ultimately confirmed.
– Tony Irving (Engineer at Large Defense Employer)

In taking on a Fortune 100 company and their lawyers from a mega-law firm, Richard identified a legal theory for recovering the full value of our breached contract. He prepared our witnesses for difficult depositions and quickly conceptualized complicated engineering plans and terms. His steadfast commitment to the case gave us the results we wanted.
– David Czajkowski (Owner, Satellite Design & Manufacturing Technology)



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