Business & Industry Highlights – Franchising:

Franchise Brokerage Company v. Broker – Obtained favorable binding arbitration decision, awarding the disputed territory to client and obtaining reimbursement of attorney’s fees

Franchisee v. Franchisor – Defended franchisor against franchisee’s claims of misrepresentation, resulting in mutual releases and a complete dismissal of all claims

Franchisee v. Franchisor – Prosecuted franchisee’s claim for improper skin care termination against franchisor, resulting in $450,000 settlement for franchisee

Franchisees v. Franchisor – Represented 22 franchisees against franchisor for franchise law violations, resulting in $1.2 million settlement for franchisees

ADA Complaint v. Franchisee – Defended national ice cream franchisee in complaint of ADA violations, resulting in non-liability settlement

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